How does your program work?

There are actually two parts, or functions, to the Nonprofit Clearing Center.  First, registered charities or nonprofit organizations can purchase goods at below wholesale prices from some of the top names in business or manufacturing, and benefit from the savings for their organization by offering them for fundraising activities, auctions, or for their own operational needs.

Second, individuals can purchase the same items (one at a time) at suggested retail value (SRV), and 100% of the proceeds go to their favorite charity or organization.  For more information click here.



How do you select the goods or services you offer?

Excellent question.  We attend different events and get a first-hand look at many new products being offered, and thoroughly check them out.  If we like a product, and believe it will be a great item to offer to the thousands of fundraisers that look to us to provide interesting new products at fantastic prices, we will negotiate the lowest possible price and quantity, and become an authorized sales representative. 

These events also give us an opportunity to speak directly to the owners or decision makers with whom we need to work.



Do nonprofit organizations need to register?

Yes they do.  Any registered charity or nonprofit organization needs to register and send us a copy of their paperwork (we currently accept only 501-(c)3 or 501-(c)6 organizations at this time).  They may send it via regular mail or attach it to an e-mail.



Do you exclude any nonprofit organization from receiving the proceeds from buyers?

Unfortunately we do.  Based on advice from our legal team, we do not at present accept churches or other religious groups.  However, officially registered organizations, such as the Catholic Relief Services are encouraged to register with us.  There are many other such organizations that, though they are sometimes sponsored by religious groups, they themselves are separate entities and can receive your donation.

Also, at this time, only 501-(c)3 or 501-(c)6 organizations may receive donations and the special discounts.  We are going to keep reviewing this situation and feedback, and therefore, other nonprofit organizations may be included.



Can we direct the proceeds of our purchase to a local chapter of a national organization?

Yes.  Any local group, such as a local chapter of the American Red Cross, can receive your donation.  Just specify the local chapter when you list it.  If you do not know the address, we will do our best to find it for you, based on your city and state, and send your donation to that group.



Can for-profit companies purchase any of your items?

Yes, however they do not get the below wholesale prices that we offer to the nonprofit organizations.  They can purchase the minimum quantity at our standard wholesale prices.

They also cannot benefit from the proceeds of any SRP purchase.  If an individual specifies a for-profit corporation, or a non-approved charity, we will donate the proceeds to the charity of our choice.



How often do you send the donations to the organizations?

Currently, we will send checks to the organizations every quarter, thus minimizing the number of checks being sent and allowing us to verify the amounts.



Are you going to post the amounts dontated?

Yes, we plan to have one or more pages dedicated to this, however, we will not be able to do this until we have our new software in place.  We have acquired new software which will allow us to provide donation amounts by various categories or queries.







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